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Reliability, discretion and integrity are the core values of Rutsaert Legal: we do what we say and we say what we do. We play with our cards on the table when dealing with our clients, while protecting their sensitive data at a superior level.


At Rutsaert Legal, we do what we say. We consistently fulfil our commitments effectively as agreed upon, while being dependable and credible at all times. We provide services that are timely, useful and accurate. We believe that success is based on reliability and consistency over an extended period of time. We trust that our main duty is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives. In fulfilling this duty, we say what we can and refuse to act in a matter we lack expertise in.


Today, data protection is a hotly debated topic; therefore, we have adequate internal procedures to guarantee confidentiality of all information and data related to our clients. We undertake not to grant access to third parties, nor to abuse sensitive data. In order to comply with highest security standards, we have the technical tools to assure that confidential information at Rutsaert Legal is highly protected, while making sensitive data anonymous with proven methods and technology.


Further, we say what we do. We set for ourselves the highest ethical standards in client relationships. We act in a manner of good faith and fairness, honesty and truthfulness. We take pride in being consistent in our actions and our philosophy, while valuing our clients’ success.


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